Cluster of multiple atrial tachycardias limited to pregnancy after radiofrequency ablation following senning operation.

  • Tim Risius
  • Kai Mortensen
  • Thomas Meinertz
  • Stephan Willems


This case report describes a female patient with a cluster of four supraventricular tachycardias during the third trimester of pregnancy. The patient was surgically corrected with a Senning operation at the age of 15. Due to numerous monomorphic atrial tachycardias at the age of 28 an ablation using the noncontact mapping system EnSite 3000 was successfully performed. She remained free of tachycardias for 2 years until the third trimester of pregnancy, where 4 electrical cardioversions and eventually a caesarean section were performed. Subsequently, the patient was free of tachycardias during a 36 month follow-up and the child is healthy.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 2008
pubmed 17349700