Standardized Subannular Repair Improves Outcomes in Type IIIb Functional Mitral Regurgitation


BACKGROUND: The major drawback of isolated annuloplasty in secondary mitral regurgitation (MR) is the reoccurrence of MR. We prospectively compared the results of isolated annuloplasty vs annuloplasty with simultaneous standardized subannular repair.

METHODS: The study comprised 101 patients with secondary type IIIb MR. Of these, 51 underwent annuloplasty plus standardized subannular repair with realignment of both papillary muscles (subannular repair) and 50 underwent isolated annuloplasty. The primary study end point was the reoccurrence of MR >2 at the 1-year follow-up. Secondary end points were survival, freedom from major adverse cardiac events, and residual leaflet tethering.

RESULTS: Baseline characteristics were comparable in both groups. There was no significant difference in in-hospital mortality (P = .3). Although postrepair MR was comparable between the subannular repair and isolated annuloplasty subgroups, the residual leaflet tethering (tenting area, 127.6 ± 35.8 mm2 vs 166.3 ± 47.3 mm2, P = .02; posterior mitral leaflet angle, 19.2 ± 4.7 degrees vs 24.8 ± 5.2 degrees, P = .001; anterior mitral leaflet angle, 25.4 ± 5.8 degrees vs 34.1 ± 4.0 degrees, P = .001; and tenting height, 5.9 ± 1.4 mm vs 9.2 ± 2.2 mm, P = .001) were significantly increased in the isolated annuloplasty group (P < .001). At the 1-year follow-up, we found a significant difference between the groups in the freedom from MR >2 of 98% (50 of 51) for subannular repair vs 86.7% (39 of 45) for isolated annuloplasty (P = .045) and mortality of 0% (0 of 51) for subannular repair vs 10% (5 of 50) for isolated annuloplasty (P = .025).

CONCLUSIONS: In secondary MR with reduced leaflet motion, the combination of annuloplasty and standardized subannular repair is associated with a significantly reduced MR reoccurrence, decreased residual leaflet tenting, and significantly improved 1-year outcome compared with annuloplasty alone.

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