Technical Aspects of Branched Thoracic Arch Graft Implantation for Aortic Arch Pathologies


PURPOSE: To describe the implantation steps and tips and tricks for the Inner Branch Arch Endograft designed to treat aortic arch aneurysm and chronic type A aortic dissection.

TECHNIQUE: Anatomical suitability criteria should be met in order to use this device. The proximal segment of the graft lands in the ascending aorta distally to the sinotubular junction and the distal segment lands in the descending aorta. The device includes 2 inner branches; the proximal branch is used for a connection to the innominate artery (positioned slightly posterior at 12:30 o'clock), while the second branch is positioned slightly anterior at 11:30 o'clock and is used as a connection to the left common carotid artery. Access, implantation technique, deployment of the device, and catheterization of the branches are described thoroughly.

CONCLUSION: This Inner Branch Arch Endograft is an appealing alternative to treat aortic arch pathology, especially in patients unsuitable for open repair. Nevertheless, complex aortic arch repair is associated with a learning curve. Meticulous preoperative planning and a high level of concentration intraoperatively are mandatory.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 10.2020
PubMed 32431247